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Confetti Park children’s media workshop featured on

Katy has a feature story on Katy Hobgood Ray and Confetti Park, the children’s workshop based in New Orleans. The story, which is a Q&A format with interviewer Erin Rovin, was a great opportunity for Katy to talk about how the idea for Confetti Park came from living in Algiers Point, a place full of children AND creative adults.

“We have so many interesting people in New Orleans and Louisiana, and my neighborhood is a concentration of creative people: puppeteers, musicians, artists, writers, chefs, and children,” Katy said. “I created Confetti Park, the children’s media workshop, to bring together all of these creative people and children for special collaborations and inspirational learning and fun.”

Katy discusses the Confetti Park radio show and podcast, which features Louisiana kids music, stories, and interviews, and talks about the Confetti Park Players kids’ chorus which performs locally, has recorded in studios, and has collaborated with numerous local groups, adult musicians, practices songwriting, choreographs dances, and creates music videos.

cropped-cp-logo-512In the article Katy also says, “If you are a Louisiana author or musician who’d like to be featured on Confetti Park, I would love to hear from you! I am also always looking for ways to collaborate with children and teachers to get more kids voices on the show, so teachers and other youth leaders, please contact me.”
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