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Rich Collins

Thanksgiving playlists make beautiful music memories for Rich Collins

It’s a childhood music memory from Rich Collins, a founder and front man for one of the most popular children’s music groups in the world, the Imagination Movers. Rich also has a burgeoning solo career, with a new album of songs geared toward adults. (Scroll down for music videos!) In this music memory, Rich talks about the music...
Photo of Randy Guynes by Barbara Beaird Photography

Music Memory from Randy Guynes

Randy Guynes is a drummer and percussionist from Shreveport, Louisiana. He’s played in bands such as the Killer Bees, the Lightnin’ Bugs, and the Fiddlin’ Tim Trio. In this episode of Confetti Park, Randy shares a few music memories from his childhood that show how powerful the influence of song can be. In one example,...
David Rosser on guitar. Photo by Sally Asher

Guitarist David Rosser shares some early childhood musical memories

In this episode of Confetti Park, we hear a childhood music memory from David Rosser, a talented guitarist and multi instrumentalist who lives in New Orleans. Dave shares about how his big brother was one of his greatest musical influences—and how they bonded and he learned from listening to records—especially the Beatles! Dave has toured the...