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Washed Away

Lyric video for “Washed Away” performed by Katy Hobgood Ray, from the album I Dream of Water. Archival public domain film footage includes the Mississippi flood of 1927, Los Angeles flood of 1938, and Long Beach flood of 1939.

Chuck Dodson – piano, organs
Dave Hoffpauir – drums
Vikki McGee – background vocals
Katy Hobgood Ray – vocals
Greg Spradlin – guitar, background vocals
Dylan Turner – percussion
Jason Weinheimer – bass, percussion  

Produced by Greg Spradlin.

Engineered by Zachariah Reeves and Jason Weinheimer at Fellowship Hall Sound, Little Rock, Arkansas. Mixed and Mastered by Jason Weinheimer at Fellowship Hall Sound, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Executive Producer – Steve Howell. Out Of The Past Music. (Copyright 2019.)

Written by David Eugene Ray/Kathryn Damaris Hobgood. Published by Confetti Park.

Publicity and Radio Airplay: Blind Raccoon LLC. For more info visit

Washed Away (David Eugene Ray/Kathryn Damaris Hobgood)
Devil raised up and he hit the ground
Water piled up and the levees came down
He spread himself all through this town
There ain’t nowhere to go

Stood by the river while they spoke the names
So much sorrow, so much pain
Look all around no one to blame
Where did they all go?

Washed away—Where did they go?
What are their names?  Nobody knows.
The clouds rolled in and filled this town with tears

I’m still living in my front yard
Getting by is getting hard
Ends don’t meet or go too far
What am I going to do?

Every evening when the sun goes down
The ghosts come out and they walk around
They dance through dreams in this empty town
Trying to get back home

The stars fill up an empty sky
I hold my head and start to cry
Lost everything and I don’t know why
What am I going to do?

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