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Watch Out for the Pirates – the music video!

Enjoy this music video for “Watch Out for the Pirates” featuring the Confetti Park Players and the NOLA Pyrates, filmed on location in Pirates Alley in the French Quarter, New Orleans, La. (Additional footage from Mardi Gras 2016.) This catchy pirate tune was written by Greg Schatz, a fabulous and prolific songwriter living in New Orleans, ‘specially for the Confetti Park Players. He’s one of our favorites!

The video debuts just in time for NOLA Pyrate Week, which comes around once a year. We are so thrilled to have such good friends in the NOLA Pyrates, who come to our city to do good deeds and have a good time. Thank you to Captain John Swallow, QM Seika Hellbound and their NOLA Pyrates crew for telling our kids stories, teaching us how to swashbuckle, sharing with us your pirate history lore, and for being in our music video.

Thank you to ‘Ween Dream! The kids were outfitted in loaned pirate costumes by ‘Ween Dream, a costume donation 501(c)(3) nonprofit that recycles donated Halloween costumes and gives them to kids in need.

And a very special thanks to Ava Santana-Cassano and Sally Asher for loving film footage, to Leighton Barrett Strong for assistance, and to Thais and company at Pirates Alley Cafe for all the support and goodies. And to John Haffner, for being sparkly and awesome on Mardi Gras day.


We're Going to Confetti Park

We’re Going to Confetti Park

“Watch Out for the Pirates” is from the album We’re Going to Confetti Park! by Katy Hobgood Ray & the Confetti Park Players. Available on CD & digitally.

“Watch Out for the Pirates” (Greg Schatz, Kathryn Hobgood Ray) features: Rick G. Nelson, bass; Beth Patterson, Irish bouzouki; Katy Ray, vocals; Tim Robertson, guitar; Greg Schatz, accordion; Dr. Sick, fiddle; Michael Skinkus, percussion. Pirates: Matt Aguiluz, Keller Clark, John Haffner, Chris Lane, Elisa McDonald, Charleston McLean, Millie Moffett, Beth Patterson, David Eugene Ray. Recorded at Marigny Recording Studio. Mastered by Bruce Barielle.





Spend my days on the Seven Seas
Live my life just as I please
Ride the waves, catch the breeze
Watch out for the pirates

Watch out, hey watch out!
Watch out for the pirates!
Watch out, hey watch out!
Watch out for the pirates!

I don’t know but I’ve been told
The pirate ships are strong and bold
They come in the night and they steal your gold
So watch out for the pirates

Doesn’t matter what your rank
Keep your coin safe in the bank
Don’t let them make you walk the plank
Watch out for the pirates

We’ll dock at New Orleans at dawn
Eat those beans until they’re gone
Look out for that old man Jean,
He was once a pirate

Doesn’t matter where you are
Could be a boat could be a car
They’ll sneak up on you and go “ARGH!”
Watch out for the pirates


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