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Confetti Park Players and Ginger & the Bee

Bumblebee, the animated music video!

The Confetti Park Players are a children’s chorus based here in New Orleans. One of our favorite things to do is to collaborate with other musicians who live in this amazing, creative city! We are SO lucky to be surrounded by and nurtured by so much talent.

Our most recent collaboration  was with local folk-pop duo Ginger & the Bee (aka Sherri Montz and Scott Frilot). This duo perform around New Orleans and have other musical projects, including the beloved Vinyl Girls, Slack Adjustor, Skin & Bones, and the Tomatoes.

Ginger & the Bee wrote a song specially for the Confetti Park Players—it’s called “Bumblebee.”

Bumblebee, bumblebee, where is your honey? I want some honey for my honey!

Bumblebee, bumblebee, where is your honey? I want some honey for me.

Choir director Katy Ray taught the song to the kids over a few weeks, and one special Wednesday night, Ginger & the Bee came to our practice at Algiers United Methodist Church to record with the kids.

After the recording was over, the kids went outside to play on the grass with Sherri to shoot some playful scenes with scarves.

A few weeks later, the Confetti Park Players went to the Mini Art Center, a child-centric community arts center located in our very own Algiers Point, to do stop motion animation for the music video. We had such a great time creating this from drawings and recording footage. Molly and Prescott, who run the Mini Art Center, are great teachers.

And, voila! Enjoy the final product!

Confetti Park Players perform Ginger & the Bee from Mini Art Center on Vimeo.


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