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Interview: ‘WEEN DREAM founder Kelsey Meeks

VG6lGI_W‘WEEN DREAM is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives free Halloween costumes to children in need. Simple mission—so simple, it’s brilliant!

In this episode of Confetti Park, ‘WEEN DREAM founder and CEO Kelsey Meeks talks to Katy Ray about the spooktacular mission of the New Orleans-based nonprofit that, in just one year, has seen new chapters form in four states.



Kelsey L. Meeks, Founder/CEO of 'Ween Dream

Kelsey L. Meeks, Founder/CEO of ‘Ween Dream

In 2014 (its first year), the organization gave costumes to 580 kids in need in seven states. This year, they will easily double that number.

Kelsey shares how the idea came about. “I noticed kids in my neighborhood were trick or treating without costumes, and I knew my friends’ children had closets overflowing with costumes, and were outgrowing them every year,” says Kelsey. “So, I thought, certainly there is a way we can share the wealth, and get some of those formerly loved costumes to some kids who would really treasure them.”

For children who need costumes, applications are being accepted through August 21, 2015. Says Kelsey, “We expect to receive over 1,000 applications this year, so apply early!”

For people/organizations who would like to donate costumes to children in need, the ‘WEEN DREAM website has lots of information, including guidelines for donating gently used costumes and more ways to support this terrific organization.

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