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Candy Land Ball – the song!

Enjoy this story and song, “The Candy Land Ball,” which will be on the upcoming children’s CD We’re Going to Confetti Park. The CD features Katy Hobgood Ray & the Confetti Park Players singing fun Louisiana-inspired songs. There are guest performances by many wonderful New Orleans musicians, and a solo by Mr. Okra! More

“Candy Land Ball”  was written by Katy Hobgood Ray, Janet Hobgood & Ted Lindsay. Musicians on this recording: Tom McDermott, piano; Michelle Nelson, background vocals; Rick G. Nelson, strings; Matthew Perrine, tub; Katy Ray, vocals. Kids chorus: Elisa McDonald, Charleston McLean, and Hrilina Ramrakhiani. Watercolor illustrations by Emanuela Serafina.

The Confetti Park Players is an all-ages children’s chorus in New Orleans, free to all kids! Our home base is in Algiers, on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. Led by songwriter Katy Hobgood Ray, the Confetti Park Players meet weekly to sing, make rhythms, share Louisiana traditions, and practice the craft of songwriting. Learn more

Candy Land Ball 

Last night I dreamed the sweetest dream,

We were smiling one and all

With happy hearts and eager eyes,

We were dressing for the Candy Land Ball

Candy striped suits for the little boys,

With hats and watches and rings

The girls had gowns of taffeta,

White gloves and purses to swing

Winding down candy cane lane,

We approached the great sugar hall

A gingerbread man ushered us in:

“Welcome to the Candy Land Ball!”

Chorus: The Candy Land Ball, the Candy Land Ball,

Everybody was there

Dancing and laughing in sparkling light,

Music filled the air

Carousel rides and long rainbow slides,

All the fun of the fair

Lollies and sweeties, confection dreams,

Come true at the Candy Land Ball

We danced round the Rock Candy Mountain,

We climbed in the lollipop trees

We drank from root beer fountains,

Dipped our toes in the chocolate seas.

We danced till our eyes grew sleepy,

and long into the night

We found floating beds of marshmallows

stacked with pillows of Turkish Delight

The morning sun is climbing,

I awake from my magical dream.

What’s this? My purse is filled with gumdrops

and your hat with jelly beans

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