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New Orleans musicians collaborate on kids album

PRESS RELEASE: New Orleans musicians collaborate on kids album We’re Going to Confetti Park!
Album features Katy Hobgood Ray, Mr. Okra, a chorus of New Orleans children, and world-class musicians such as Johnny Vidacovich, Jon Erik-Kellso, Evan Christopher, Matt Perrine, Patti Adams, Roger Lewis, David Rosser, Brian Coogan, Tim Robertson, Sarah Quintana, and others.

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We're Going to Confetti Park

We’re Going to Confetti Park! ftg. Katy Hobgood Ray & the Confetti Park Players

NEW ORLEANS, LA, NOVEMBER 16, 2015 — A carefree, sunny afternoon in New Orleans is now available in song format on We’re Going to Confetti Park!, an album of whimsical songs about pirates, frogs, snoballs, Roman candy, and other uniquely New Orleans experiences.

21 tracks include original songs, jump rope jingles, and fresh takes on a Lead Belly folk song and a Lincoln Chase hit featuring New Orleans’ renown drummer, Johnny Vidacovich. There’s also a special guest performance by beloved produce vendor Mr. Okra, who sings with the children on “Have You Seen the Okra Man?”

This album is the first musical release by New Orleans-based children’s media workshop Confetti Park. An award-winning children’s picture book, The Little Mouse Santi, was released earlier this year.

The principal performers are Katy Hobgood Ray and the Confetti Park Players, an all-ages children’s chorus. Their name comes from a small playground in the heart of their neighborhood of Algiers Point, on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. Led by singer-songwriter Katy Ray, the Confetti Park Players meet weekly to sing, make rhythms, share Louisiana traditions, and practice the craft of songwriting.

“The album is inspired by the joyful characters, the colorful sights and sounds, the magic moments we are lucky enough to experience every day in New Orleans,” says Katy Ray. “Some of the things a NOLA kid might experience at the park, such as playing clapping games with friends, pretending to be pirates, catching frogs and ladybugs, eating snoballs and buttermilk drops—these moments are all represented in song.”

The album was recorded by Matt Aguiluz and Jason Rhein at Marigny Recording Studio and mastered by Bruce Barielle.

“I think the songs will appeal not just to kids, but to anyone who loves Louisiana music and culture,” says Katy Ray. “Who outgrows snoballs?”

We’re Going to Confetti Park! is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and CD Baby. You can also order CDs from or buy them at Louisiana Music Factory, Fleurty Girl, and Magic Box Toys in New Orleans.

MEDIA: E-mail Katy Hobgood Ray


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We’re Going to Confetti Park! begins with a call and response between jazz trumpeter Jon Erik-Kellso and clarinetist Evan Christopher. Drummer Johnny Vidacovich, sousaphone player Matt Perrine and ace guitarist Tim Robertson fill out the opening title track, backing a chorus of children at play.

Vidacovich also leads off Lincoln Chase’s classic 1960s hit, “The Clapping Song.” The Confetti Park version features lead vocals by Keller Clark, son of Dukes of Dixieland bandleader Kevin Clark. Other musicians include trumpet player Chuck Bee, tenor saxophonist John Doheny, Dirty Dozen baritone saxophonist Roger Lewis, and guitarist Paul McDonald.

“Roman Candy Man,” a call to the beloved New Orleans taffy vendor who drives a cart pulled by a mule, features Patti Adams, solo piccoloist and assistant principal flutist with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Dylan Field Turner plays field drum.

“Watch Out for the Pirates” and “Louis Lafitte, the Pirate King” feature a large chorus of pirates young and old singing about adventures on the high seas. Michael Skinkus (percussion), Beth Patterson (Irish bouzouki), Dr. Sick (fiddle), Greg Schatz (accordion), and Rick Nelson (bass) are among the featured players.

“Buttermilk Drop” is a sassy homage to the delicious New Orleans breakfast treat, featuring gypsy jazz guitarist Daniele Spadavecchia, accordionist Greg Schatz, and Bustout Burlesque trumpet player Jim Thornton.

Thornton’s excellent piccolo trumpet ability is showcased on “Snoball,” and Pretty Lights keyboardist Brian Coogan plays Rhodes piano. This song explores the existential plight of humankind through ice and flavored syrups. (Otherwise, it’s just a song about snoballs.)

“Feufollet” is a spooky tale about the swamp fires of Louisiana legend. With fae-inspired choruses by chanteuse Sarah Quintana and musical saw and fiddle by Dr. Sick, it’s the eeriest song on the album.

“Dancing on the Moon” is a pop tune written by Ted Lindsay, featuring lead vocals and bass by Jason Rhein of Rotary Downs and kid-music duo Jason & Layla, outer space-inspired electric guitar by David Rosser, and drums by Dylan Field Turner.

Rosser also backs Mr. Okra (Arthur Robinson) on his musical number, “Have You Seen the Okra Man?” with accompaniment by harmonica player Scott Albert Johnson.

Pianist Tom McDermott plays on “Lovely Little Ladybug” (with sweet lead vocals by Elisa McDonald and Charleston McLean) and on “Candy Land Ball,” a classic waltz in the style of Charles K. Harris, and inspired by the colorful children’s ball held every year in Algiers Point. This track also features strings by Rick Nelson and a wonderful sousaphone solo by Matt Perrine.

“Dream Big, Little Santi” features Tim Robertson on guitar (a backbone performer of the album) and mellotron by Katy Ray. This song is a companion piece to the children’s picture book The Little Mouse Santi by David Eugene Ray and Santiago Germano, about a mouse who dreams of being a cat. This first children’s book from Confetti Park is winner of a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, a Kirkus star and the gold award from the Mom’s Choice Awards.

Scattered throughout the album are clapping songs, jump rope jingles, and childhood chestnuts featuring the Confetti Park Players. There is also a call-and-response interpretation of Polly Wolly Wee by Huddie Ledbetter. (Katy Ray is a longtime member of Friends of Lead Belly, a group of musicians dedicated to promoting the legacy of the north Louisiana folk singer.)

Musicians Featured on We’re Going to Confetti Park!
Patti Adams, Matt Aguiluz, Chuck Bee, Evan Christopher, Brian Coogan, John Doheny, John Haffner, Scott Albert Johnson, Jon-Erik Kellso, Chris Lane, Roger Lewis, Ted Lindsay, Tom McDermott, Paul McDonald, Michelle Nelson, Rick G. Nelson, Mr. Okra, Beth Patterson, Matthew Perrine, Sarah Quintana, David Eugene Ray, Katy Hobgood Ray, Jason Rhein, Tim Robertson, David Rosser, Greg Schatz, Dr. Sick, Michael Skinkus, Daniele Spadavecchia, James G. Thornton, Dylan Field Turner, Johnny Vidacovich.

Confetti Park Players
Lily Bell, Luna Bell, Keller Clark, Saura Duke, Dean Foster, Elisa McDonald, Charleston McLean, Millie Moffett, Hrilina Ramrakhiani, Louis Ray, Sadie Strong, Virginia Strong

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