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Rosemary the Garden Fairy

Introducing Rosemary the Garden Fairy’s gardening segments for kids!

“Follow me to the garden! Let’s check out the magic of nature!”

Introducing Rosemary the Garden Fairy, a new contributor to Confetti Park! We found her flitting about our beautiful corner, and realized she had much wisdom to impart about the natural world.

In this segment, Rosemary teaches us about air plants.

Have you ever heard of an air plant?  It can grow without any soil!

The scientific name for air plants is “Tillandsia.” Lucky kids in Louisiana have seen one species of this plant called Spanish Moss, growing in our beautiful oak trees and throughout our swamps and bayous.

There are over 650 species of air plants, and some of them bloom pretty little flowers. You can try growing an air plant in your house…. You can even pin it to a curtain and it will grow!

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