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Interview: Meet Tommie Townsley

Tommie Townsley, Louisiana children's author and publisher

Tommie Townsley, Louisiana children’s author and publisher

Tommie Townsley is a Cajun children’s author from Lake Charles, Louisiana. She published her first book, Adolpheaux the Adventurous Dolphin, in 2005, and from that sweet beginning has launched a children’s book empire headquartered in Southwest Louisiana.

In this interview, Tommie talks about her driving mission to get more kids in Louisiana interested in books: “Children are our future. We need to get them reading, especially in our state. We are losing our readers by the fourth grade. So I’m traveling all over the state, and I’m getting new authors on board, to promote reading. We can do that by making it fun to read.”

Tommie is now the author of seven children’s books, all of them charming Cajun animal tales about Louisiana and its unique culture. In addition, Tommie has launched a children’s publishing company called Ally-Gator BookBites, in which she assists authors with publishing services including editorial, layout, illustrations, printing, marketing, distribution, and professional consulting.

Tommie is a vital part of the arts and culture scene in Louisiana. She has been an inspiration to children throughout the state with her charming Cajun animal tales. She is also the chairwoman of the Southwest Louisiana Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Guild and a board member for the Children’s Museum of Lake Charles.

Visit Tommie’s website, to learn about Dixie the Old Dog, Amos the Artistic Alligator, Clyde the Cajun Calf, and a number of other animal friends sharing their unique culture.

Listen to Tommie read Amos the Artistic Alligator on Confetti Park!

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