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Buttermilk Drop

In honor of National Donut Day we are sharing this track from the Confetti Park Players‘ upcoming CD! “Buttermilk Drop” – the BEST DONUT IN THE WORLD! ‪#‎nola‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎NationalDonutDay‬.

This track features Rick G. Nelson, bass; Katy Ray, vocals; Greg Schatz, accordion; Daniele Spadavecchia, guitar; James G. Thornton, trumpet. (Snaps by Katy, Ted Lindsay and Jason Rhein.) Kids chorus: Keller Clark, Elisa McDonald, Charleston McLean, and Millie Moffett.

More about the album We’re Going to Confetti Park….

The first recorded music project from Confetti Park is almost complete! It’s in the mastering phase now, under the listening ears of Bruce Barielle. Engineered by Jason Rhein and Matt Aguiluz at Marigny Recording Studio.

Created by Katy Hobgood Ray, the CD features a chorus of children (the Confetti Park Players) singing about pirates, frogs, snoballs, and Candy Land balls along with a star-studded lineup of musicians (Johnny Vidacovich, Jon-Erik Kellso, Evan Christopher, Matt Perrine, Patti Adams, Beth Patterson, Tom McDermott, Roger Lewis, David Rosser, Brian Coogan, Tim Robertson, and more).

Expected release date of Summer 2015.



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