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Ben Schenck wrote a song about a cockroach

Panorama Jazz Band photo by Greg Miles

Panorama Jazz Band photo by Greg Miles

When facing off with a cockroach in the shower, what would you do?

Some people would scream. Some people would hurl the shampoo bottle at the little sucker, and then run.

But Ben Schenck? He wrote a song for the cockroach.

“I was raised with a strong care module, so I cared deeply about this cockroach, but at the same time I didn’t want to touch it….  I set him free and then wrote him a song at the breakfast table.”

Here’s Ben on clarinet and vocals, performing with the Panorama Jazz Band of New Orleans on the “Cockroach Song,” which he wrote when he was 17.

Sing along, everyone: “Ya Ya Ya, Wally Wally Wah!”

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